Peebles Organic
Eat healthy, live healthy, go organic!

At Peebles Organic Farms, our mission is to bring the freshest, highest quality produce to our customers. We specialize in the production of organic edamame, green beans, sweet potatoes, and processor pumpkins. 
Over 1,500 acres of our farmland is certified for organic produce. Each year we harvest 1.5 million pounds of edamame, 2.4 million pounds of green beans, 5 million pounds of sweet potatoes, and 8.7 million pounds of processor pumpkins.
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Peebles Farms Organic headquarters and processing plant:    1532 Gregory Steet in Augusta, AR
This building gives us 70,000 square feet of storage and processing space to process all our sweet potoatoes. We have plans to expand our vegetable production this year to other organic crops. With small modifications to existing equipment, we will be able to do all the processing in this plant.